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Background: Expirat exists in the Romanian urban landscape since 2002. As a club, concert hall, terrace and space for alternative expression, Expirat is the place that delivers alternative culture bundled with a positive vibe.   Contribution: PR & Communications Photography (for social media content) (Adrian Vizireanu) Events  
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Background: Located in the historic center of Bucharest, Bicicleta (Bicycle Bar) is an unconventional and unique concept bar. Since 2012, it became a checkpoint for bicycle lovers, urban artists and creative people. The concept is based on recycling bicycle parts in order to make a cosy place where people can enjoy fine drinks with a proper background music. Bicicleta bar made a buzz around the world, being featured in “20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior Designs” from and on other design and tourism websites.   Contribution: Brand Creation Graphic Design Photography  (Adrian Vizireanu) Events PR & Communication
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