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KASIM is one of the personal music projects of our colleague Bogdan Danciu. (Directing/Cinematography/Editing: Andreea Gruioniu)
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Andreea Gruioniu

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Background: Based in London, Andreea Gruioniu is a passionate individual with an eager desire of discovering the beauty that resides in each and every detail that surrounds us and our world. Alongside being awarded with Distinction in both BA and MA studies in Cinematography and Film Making, she worked her way up within the film industry gaining valuable experience for the past 7 years.   Contribution: Music and Sound Design (for “Lover Of Self” experimental video)
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Yvat is one of the personal music projects of our colleague Octavian Uță. Under this moniker and with more than 20 albums produced, he brings a fresh Eastern look over electronic music, both destructurated and euphonic, built on overlapped layers of textures. Featured: Video clip for Daneb, the main track of Yvat’s EXEUNT – album released at Detroit Underground. (Video: BlackMoon)
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Digital Control Lab

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Background: Digital Control Lab, LLC. has been in business for over 15 years and is a group of highly trained individuals with expertise in signal processing, computer design and vibration analysis. Digital Control Lab has products to accurately measure real-time fill level volume, liner and bearing wear for ball mills in cement and mining.   Contribution: Voice Recording and Sound Editing (for product presentation video)
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