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Background: Located in the historic center of Bucharest, Bicicleta (Bicycle Bar) is an unconventional and unique concept bar. Since 2012, it became a checkpoint for bicycle lovers, urban artists and creative people. The concept is based on recycling bicycle parts in order to make a cosy place where people can enjoy fine drinks with a proper background music. Bicicleta bar made a buzz around the world, being featured in “20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior Designs” from and on other design and tourism websites.   Contribution: Brand Creation Graphic Design Photography  (Adrian Vizireanu) Events PR & Communication
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Grain de Sel

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Background: Bakery with a twist. Grain de Sel is an artisanal bake shop that reinvented Romanian recipes and managed to turn traditional pastries into day-to-day delights.   Contribution: Social media & online campaign management Photography
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FETNO Wellness

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Background: FETNO is a Wellness center located in Bucharest, specialized in custom workouts, aerobics, medical gymnastics, Pilates, nutritional counseling and massage.   Contribution: Photography  (Cătălin Olteanu)
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Julius Meinl

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Background: Julius Meinl is an Austrian manufacturer and retailer of coffee and gourmet foods. Established in 1862, it’s currently the number 1 premium HoReCa coffee brand in the world.   Contribution: Photography (Adrian Vizireanu) (commissioned by Heist Industries)
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Background: Established in 2001, Provus operates on the Romanian financial market in the area of card transactions processing, card personalization and retail sector services. Provus is the biggest processing centre in Romania, one of the biggest in Eastern Europe and one of the biggest personalization centres in Romania. Provus / Supercard are a part of Wirecard Romania.   Contribution: PR & Communications Graphic Design Photography
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Teatrul Ion Creangă

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Background: Ion Creangă Theatre for Children produces and promotes performances of high artistic standard, coordinates and implements research programs, educational, social and cultural projects, aimed at children between the ages of 0 and 12 years, at teachers, trainers, parents and legal guardians.   Contribution: Photography  (Cătălin Olteanu)
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Celsius Magazine

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Background: Celsius° is a Romanian magazine that promotes and encourages a slower-paced lifestyle in a time of accelerated urbanization and ever increasing velocity of daily rhythm. Its main goal is to promote the uniquely eclectic local and regional specificities. It also explores the globe in search for all that inspires us, from exceptional places to well-crafted products and talented individuals. Celsius° tackles aspects that contemporary urbanites are constantly exposed to – fashion, art, gastronomy, trends, design, travel, culture, etc. – in a distinctive manner, with a strong emphasis on the quality of the content, writing and imagery.   Contribution: Editorial Photography  (Cătălin Olteanu)
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Marius Hristescu

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Background: Marius Hristescu is a Romanian conductor, composer and orchestrator. Considering his reputation as a conductor and orchestrator, valuable contemporary artists from the Romanian musical industry have requested to work together with Marius Hristescu: Felicia Filip, Nicu Covaci (Phoenix), Loredana Groza, Florin Piersic, Ştefan Bănică jr., Paula Seling. In 1999 he began a collaboration with the known songwriter Tudor Gheorghe, collaboration that gave birth to the Romanian Poetry Seasons project, which continues to this day.   Contribution: Photography  (Adrian Vizireanu)
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WWF România

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Background: The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961, working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of humanity’s footprint on the environment. In Romania, WWF is working since 2006 to protect wildlife from the Carpathian Mountains and along the Danube: protected areas, forests, brown bears, The Danube Delta, sturgeons. In addition, WWF Romania deals with stimulating the transition to green economy and with the implementation of a program of environmental education for young people.   Contribution: Photography (for advertising)  
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